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-St Augustine

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Chinese Kungfu: More than Martial Arts

Many top Kung Fu masters came to Hong Kong and set up their martial arts school during the early 20th century due to wars and unrest in China. Gradually, Hong Kong became the breeding place of Chinese Kung Fu – therefore, many martial arts movies are made in Hong Kong and there are international celebrities such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan who start their stardom in the city.

Chinese Kung Fu is more than physical exercise. It is a way of thinking and an attitude to life.

“I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself.”
– Bruce Lee

Chinese Martial Arts does not intend to make you a fighter, but in the course of learning you’ll know more about yourself, and its driving philosophy.

We have recently developed a new programme: Chinese Kungfu: More than Martial Arts.  You’ll meet Kung Fu Master YF Wong, from the “Choy Lee Fut” school of martial arts and winner of various martial arts competitions. Choy Lee Fut School originates from Guangdong, and is an ‘intangible culture heritage’ of China. You’ll learn the story of Kung Fu from Master Wong and the martial arts of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. Before the end of the session, you’ll learn some basic techniques about self defense and exercise to make you physically stronger.

For the management guru, why not apply the theory of Chinese Kung Fu in your daily management issues? Master Wong is happy to share with you the concept behind Chinese Kung Fu, and you’ll come back with inspiration and practical ideas for your daily management routine, as well as looking at the Chinese consumer behaviour and market from a different perspective.

The activity can be incorporated in your next corporate meeting in Hong Kong with a half day session with Master Wong!

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