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-St Augustine

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Island of Smiles of South Pacific Ocean: Fiji

‘Bula! Bula!’, the warm ‘hello’ from the local Fijians, their broad smiles and friendly faces make us feel like the airplane had taken us to a paradise exactly what we’ve dreamed of: the warm sea breeze, the smell of the ocean, clear blue sky and turquoise coloured sea water and sandy white beaches. We were so excited that kicked off our shoes when we arrived at the island resort, and never in our lives we feel as relaxed and care-free.

The island resorts are gorgeous – you’ll get whatever comfort you need. At dinner time, smell of freshly grilled seafood and roast meat make your taste buds go wild, and the sumptuous lines of buffet tables are totally irresistible. The freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice and a wide range of dessert made of tropic fruits are sweepingly refreshing and energizing. For the week in Fiji, all of us forgot our rigorous weight watchers diet at home, but just enjoy all the good food offered in the Pacific islands.

In addition to sun, sand and sea, there are a lot of things to do in Fiji. Islands hopping are the most popular daytime activity. Fiji is actually make-up of by seven groups of Islands: the Lau Group, Northern Islands, Southern Islands, Lomalviti Group, Yasawa Islands, Mamanuca Islands and the Viti Levu Island (this is where the International Airport located). We travel on speed boat and off into the tropical jungles and the local villages.  The indigenous Fijian cultures are mix of Indians, Chinese and Europeans’. The islands had been colonised by a number of European nations, and Britain had the longest period of colonial rule for over 100 years. Only in 1970 Fiji became independent of the British. Whenever we go, the local people are extremely friendly and eager to interact with you. We also joined a community project, and went to a local school and assisted the local school to decorate the campus with paint – it is not only fun for the school children, it was a playful activity for us – not only we covered the campus with fresh paint, our T-shirts and faces were covered with paints as well. At night, camp fire was set up and we had a Fiji style BBQ party, and welcomed by Fijian in their traditional costumes and after the meal, we sang and danced with the locals.
For the ‘VVIP’ experience, you can be taken by a helicopter, which will land right in front of the bungalow you’re staying. Private spa treatment, private pool and even the top chef will bring his equipment and cook whatever you fancy in your own bungalow; and an exclusive, candle-lit dinner party will be set up in your private area. Or, if you have a fancy for golf, enjoy a round of golf in the golf club where you’ll likely meet the president of Fiji who frequents the club.

There are also numerous variations for evening and private parties. Beach sides parties, various open air venues inside the hotel properties or indoor at the hotel ballrooms. You can have parties with different themes and entertainment for whole week.

The Pacific paradise, the comfort of modern hotels, the food and the carefree, relaxed ambience is really an once-in-a-lifetime treat. The fact that Hong Kong is an international city with flight connections from almost major gateways in the world is an ideal dual destination with Fiji. The genuine broad smile and laughter of the school kids are deep in our memories, and we’ve couriered loads of candies and toys to the school in Fiji when we came back home, wishing to return to this Pacific paradise again and again in the near future.

The Momentous Team

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